Carlos Ramirez
Welcome to Gloria Cycling! We're a close-knit family business fueled by a passion for all things cycling. Our journey began in the comfort of our home, where we started by selling bikes from other brands. As our love for bikes grew, so did our ambition. We soon opened our own bike shop in Fulham, offering not just sales but also repair services to our community, helping us create a stable foundation.

One day, fueled by a blend of courage and curiosity, I decided to take a big leap. We began producing our own titanium bikes—initially in the US and then in China. I wondered if our customers would embrace my ideas and our products. To my delight, our loyal local customer base not only believed in us but also eagerly supported our new venture.

Running the shop, managing repairs, and selling bikes eventually became overwhelming. So, we made a bold move out of London to a place we now call "The Archive." We are forever grateful to everyone who not only gave us this opportunity but also believed in our project.

Today, most of our sales come from our website, and we proudly dispatch our products all around the UK (pretty cool, huh?). Looking ahead, our plan is to introduce more models and accessories and to build a robust brand centered on durability, simplicity, and the joy of cycling.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Whether you're here to check out our latest models or just to share in our cycling adventures, we're glad you're here. Ride on!

Thank you!